Our Story


The experience of traveling never gets old. Whether it’s exploring Asian cities or Middle Eastern deserts, we’ve found that the world has so much to offer that it’s simply dazzling. In between meandering in old markets, sampling local cuisines, and drinking in the sights of what each place has to offer, we found ourselves drawn to the unique crafts and decor that are distinct to each region.

We found ourselves falling in love with all sorts of natural fabrics, beautiful metalwork, painstakingly-detailed ceramics, and one-of-a-kind furniture. This wasn’t the kind of stuff you’d see in stores back home in Manila. But we definitely saw many of these pieces having a place of honor in our own home.

From this thought sparked the idea of Acasa Manila (formerly Casa Consunji). Inspired by our travels, we wanted a place where you could have a selection of decor and home goods from parts of the world. These pieces would be special, interesting, and just the right thing for any home. Feel free to browse our catalog. We’re always hunting for treasures to fill our store, so there’s always something new to fall in love with.

Our doors are always open to you. 

Welcome to Acasa Manila. Make yourself a home.


We exist to create and curate spaces that inspire wonder.

We believe that the essence of each home—the warm memories, adventures, and dreams of those who live there—should be celebrated in the details. We believe that it’s possible to cultivate a comfortable lifestyle without compromising on sustainability or creativity. We provide sustainable value for both our clients and our partner manufacturers, locally and globally, by bringing home products made of natural elements and recycled ingredients. We take pride in the process of handpicking beautiful treasures from all over the world that will have the great honor of having a place in your home.


Our mission is to be your preferred partner in creating that special space called home.

  1. We inspire and spark joy in families and communities, one sustainably designed space at a time.
  2. We build spaces where people can feel at ease while discovering unique finds with which to decorate their home.
  3. Finally, we champion creativity in small artisan businesses by partnering with them as our manufacturers, both locally and internationally.